(Who we are)

We are a loose set of hackers, exploring systems and technologies to to better understand the underlying systems, as well as find new and fun ways to make use of these items.

Are we doing anything illegal?  No.  These are our owns systems and/or devices, and we can freely open and modify them as we see fit.

We follow the same ideologies as the original 414s and welcome any of them to join us.

(Looking For More Help, Contact Us If Interested)

Email: info at dc414
GPG Public key


Name: ngharo
Title: President
Email: ngharo at dc414

Name: darkwind
Title: Grand chancellor of the intertubes and cats
Email: darkwind at dc414

Name: Vladimir
Title: Technologist Extraordinaire
Contact: vlad at dc414

Name: Faraday (F4R4D4Y)
Title: Das übergruppenfaraday
A.K.A. “The Instigator”

Name: P1nky
Title: The Wrench
Contact: P1nky on Discord

==Honored Former Members==
Kernel Panic
Anarchy Angel

13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just requested membership on email list and facebook group. Moved to Milwaukee and looking for a good security group to meet up with. I stupidly missed the august meeting, but hope to pop in next time.

  2. My name is Debby. I was watching the news and watched your interview. May I ask what exactly dc414 organization does, what it the purpose. I am in school for web design for beginners and would like to find out more about your organization.



  3. I need help I want to contact the person in charge of the defcon in Vegas for next year so I can see about setting up a booth to challenge all the hackers with with a new software I’m creating to see if they can hack into it and I’ll offer an award a $50 gift card for Walmart. How do I contact the person? I can’t find any way to call only email and I get no response plus I get a lot of server errors when I click on links.

    Please send a response to my email thanks
    Almost forgot my email

  4. I’m taking a Cybersecurity management degree and I don’t have an IT background. Would it possible for me to join the group and learn from you guys. I would like to attend your March 3, meeting if I can?

    Thank you

  5. Hey I just wanted to ask are there any meetings like this in Europe?
    If yes can you tell me where?
    I’m from Croatia and I want to join group like this

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