Dc414 Meetings will be virtual due to COVID-19

Join the meeting on every first Friday @ 7PM

DC414 will be going virtual for our meetings due to safety concerns for members and our communities. Please spread the word to your friends! Do not show up to the physical meet spot!

This meeting will be hosted on dc414.org infrastructure using Jitsi meet software.
It is known that Jitsi works best on Chromium based browsers (Chromium, Brave, Google Chrome).

On the first Friday of every month starting at 7 PM please click on the following link to join us in the DC414 virtual meeting!

Join the meeting on every first friday @ 7PM
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4 thoughts on “Dc414 Meetings will be virtual due to COVID-19

  1. Since we’re virtual — and a little harder to organically show off tech, I’ll be doing a demo on SDR, radio, and decoding signals. Can also delve into some pager decoding if we have time. There’s some interesting traffic these days that is hospital related….


  2. I heard that Jitsi was used for the virtual meeting on a virtual private server (VPS). I saw htop running in the VPS and it looked like it had four virtual processors. How much RAM, Storage, Network was provisioned for the VPS?

    Excellent job spinning up the resources in time for the meeting.


    • It was running on Digital Ocean droplet (VPS) — 4 vCPU, 8 GB Memory / 160 GB Disk / NYC3 – Debian 10 x64.
      When I did a speedtest the week before the meeting, we were seeing ~400Mbps downstream. I didn’t test upstream. I don’t suspect bandwidth was an issue at all.

      We were hitting CPU bottlenecks. Will be running the next meeting on a machine with more compute.

      Send me an email `myname at dc414.org` if you’d like more details of the setup.

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