April meeting — salted butter or not?

April brought another great meeting!  Thanks again for the Milwaukee Makerspace for hosting us.  Klaiviel taught us quite a few things about locks, he had his collection out for display.  IMG_20140404_204820

We then toured the facility again, always a great time to explore the Makerspace!  We were able to see this crazy subwoofer in action!  IMG_20140404_234902

It’s a booth you sit inside and /FEEL THE G’s/   Here’s Vlad inside:



We had to tone it down after threats of the police being called for noise were voiced.  🙂

After that, we went back and saw a cool piece of machinery that Mike put together, cooling a computer and GPU with a dehumidifier!



We then spent the better part of the evening debating the merits of salted butter, vs unsalted butter.  Seems Faraday really has a strong opinion about it!  here’s this… equation that lays it all out for us:



All in all, another great meeting.  See you next month at the Meetupery!


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