Lets hack schools

School is about to start back up for the year which gives us a great opportunity to give. So at the next meeting “9.7.12” if you bring in school/art supplies to donate in addition to the normal $5 dc414 donation you will get a “I HACK SCHOOLS” pin and the satisfaction of helping tomorrows generation to learn. So lets hack schools together!

Some ideas of stuff to give:
No.2 pencils
ballpoint pens “red and black”
Spiral-bound or composition notebooks
colored pencils
colored clay
non colored clay “grey”
index cards
construction paper
three ring binders
Pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings)

2 thoughts on “Lets hack schools

  1. And a few DC414 stickers in the bag, a Mint 13.0 Live CD, and the free version of Kon-Boot on a cheap thumb drive. I’ll see if I can source some 🙂

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