Arduino Windows Attack Tool

A few meetings back I demoed my Arduino Windows attack tool. The Arduino and shield emulate a keyboard when plugged into a PC. Once triggered it opens the DOS edit program, writes some vbscript to a file called go.vbs, then runs it using wscript. The script downloads a payload from a web server. In the case of the demo it was a reverse shell that connects back to a nc listener from msf. I got the idea from the Social-Engineering Toolkit Teensy USB HID Attack but I dont have/want a teensy so I looked and looked for an Arduino version but all I could find was a USB keyboard lib, so my value add was porting it to the Arduino.

Here is the USB lib I used.

Here is the schematic for the shield: *I added a button on pin 12

Here is the code for the Arduino:

And there you have it, my Arduino Windows attack tool. Its a little messy and hacked together, but it works. Enjoy 🙂

Many thanx to SilkyPantsDan, Rancid Bacon, and Practical Arduino

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4 Responses to Arduino Windows Attack Tool

  1. F4R4D4Y says:

    When I get time, I’ll see if I can get this working on a Ti430 Launchpad.

  2. F4R4D4Y.dc414 says:

    Is line 135 cut off? Cant compile as posted. Maybe I’m too sober.

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