My lame IR copy toy pt2

Some of you might remember the first post on my lame IR copy toy. Well I have tweaked the code a little and put it all on a nice little PCB board that fits great over the Arduino, here is the “finished” project:

Heres some video of it working:

Heres it being used to control a helicopter:

Here is the code:

One thing I left out of my first post is in order for this to work you have to use this IR remote library from Ken Shirriff. Thats it, peace.

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  1. F4R4D4Y says:

    I wonder if it would take long to put this on a Ti-430 dev board with the capacitive touch shield for more options & a slick hardware interface (and to free up your arduino!)

    If you want to do it, I’ll donate a 430 dev kit and shield kit. I have one of each at home.

    Dev Kit –
    CTS Shield –

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