BarCamp – Post Conference Report

DC414 got a lot of exposure at BarCamp.  We were the only peeps that setup in “the commons” where most everyone would pass through while entering the building.  This was also the area that lightning talks, introductions, and closing events took place.

Wall of Sheep
The wall was a great success for the most part.  Initially, we had to manually sniff and enter sheep onto the wall.  This was becoming a pain in the ass.  We finally got it automated by taking a log from ettercap and piping it into a ruby script which would post to simple webservice.  The source can be found here.  In the afternoon we started getting flooded with fake logins to from a user on the network.  Some nerd had scripted this to create chaos upon us!  Unfortunately, we were tapped onto the network at such a point were we would not see local IPs for the source of traffic.  I lol’d and set dw5304 on the hunt to track the user down.  We knew he was using ruby as that’s what the user-agent string was.  dw5304 quickly found him and we all had a laugh.  The scripter gave a lightning talk on his mischief later in the evening.  We’d like to expand on the current scripts and tweak our filters to automate even more types of insecure communications.

The overall atmosphere was very, very hacker friendly.  I had fun listening in to Klaiviel, Vlad, and darkwind troll some unfortunate hotel workers on their radios.  We also did a bit of urban exploration in Bucketwork’s basement … with a 1w laser 😉  Klaiviel did an awesome job presenting on lock picking/etc.  It was funny how Klaiviel showed up with like 5x as many locks and equipment as the guy who was hosting the lockpicking session.  There is safe at Bucketworks that they need assistance opening … Klaiviel did a bunch of research and came to the conclusion that he will need to brute force it.  I’m hoping dc414 can come together and make this happen.  dw5304 dropped a lot of knowledge to people coming by our setup.  Much thanks to all the equipment and dedication he brought to BarCamp.

Some very smart folks were creeping around and while I personally did not see many presentations, I still learned a lot.  We gave out a ton of stickers, flyers, window clings (thanks cmoney and Anarchy).  With that we should see new peeps start showing up to meetings.

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  1. I know of at least two people that were hanging around me persoanly before i left barcamp. And a few others would love to have shown up but they lived in green bay :*(.lol DC414 feild trip?

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