My little hackers

I have a house full of little n00bs who have been “hacking” each other in the house lately. See we have one laptop in the house that the kids share in the living room and form time to time one kid will get up and not log out of the sites he/she were using and one of the others will sit down, see the sites open and leave little messages like “hacked by so and so”.

It all started when my oldest boy (19) liked a bunch of dick related stuff on my youngest boys (14) face book account. lol. They have even got cmoney a few times! Now normally i would yell at them for things like this but no one got hurt and they are learning a valuable lesson in technology that is normally learned at much greater coast. Plus it might spark an interest in security for them as well, at the very lest they are more aware of it.

So all in all i think its a good thing they jest in this manner, i just hope they keep it as such. One thing i know for sure is i will be scanning that laptop for key loggers on the regular now 😛

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