Theory and Art of Persuasion

##UPDATE – AnarchyAngel will be the only member of dc414 at this event, but if you have the time, go and join him.

Check out Theory and Art of Persuasion being hosted at Candlelight Collective and presented by Taylor Marx. A R.E.C.A.L.L. information session and discussion on persuasion, specifically how it is used (and abused) in our society and how it relates to the collective process. The presentation starts at 530pm. So come out and learn a little bit about social engineering and have some fun! We will see you there!

FB event link –

August 23rd @ 530 pm

Candlelight Collective
258 N. Main St (Lower Level)
West Bend, WI

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4 Responses to Theory and Art of Persuasion

  1. F4r4d4y says:

    If I can make it there in time, I’m there. Sounds great!

  2. F4r4d4y says:

    Hey, it looks like the presentation is at 5:30 PM… calendar at
    I cant make it.

    • AnarchyAngel says:

      oh shit, lol i thought it started at 7!! thanx for the heads up, anyway we are gonna chill over at ngh’s house if you just wanna come hang out.

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