Material related to operation Tunisia

First the why:

Yeah i hope someone finds the ppl in that van and gives them a slow death!

Anonymous care package for the poor ppl of Egypt –

This from –
( ),,( )                #optunisia                                        ( ),( )
( ‘;’ )                                                                                                                            (‘;’ )
-(. )-                                                                                                                           -(‘.’)-
If you started a pad about something related to Operation Tunisia, add it to this list.
Please save with Nick!!!

Anonymous Press Declarations
[2011-01-15] Tunisia and its chance… (not completed; need rework!)

Guide to Protecting the Tunisian Revolution, Part One: Initial Security yo
Guide to Protecting the Tunisian Revolution, Part Two: Safety in Confrontation

Guide to Protecting the Tunisian Revolution, Part Three: Transforming National Politics (still in progress, please assist)

Stuff about the families who’re stealing Tunisia: (Arabic->English Translation needed!!)
copy at

Manifesto from tunisian protesters: <

Video footage of Tunisia (add your own!)

Tunisians needs FTPs for mirror – #ftp (died?)no #ftp

Untrusted Twitter accounts spreading false news < reverted

Translation pad for Tunisia IRC project

Tunisians, tell your stories here! (need translators)
copy at

Manifesto from Anon about Tunisia:

Video ideas and links:

“Video site” zip and mirrors

Video about a man put out of his country, and subtitle translation (need an incruster for the subtitle)
copy at

Anon Video to be subtitled:

French Pdf to be translated: Relating to the familie who Reign over Carthage.

Diary of Tunisia:

Related Stuff:
Anonymous PR Pad

Swift Assist – helpful notes on establishing secure networks for Tunisian revolutionaries

What the fuck is freedom of speech, anyway? – introduction via IHRL

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