1337 perks

To get 1337 perks first show up at meetings, become a familiar face. Gain trust. Not much else, easy right?

Some of the perks of being a leet dc414 member are:

  • Email: yourHandle@dc414.org
  • Offshore VPN access “ip4 or ipv6 tunnels”
  • Offshore Tor exit node on the VPN
  • SIP Extension (call in/out)
  • Shell account
PBX Details
Dialin Number: 323.391.3370

1 – echo
4 – Directory
9 – Call out proxy
111 – nmap via VoIP

2 Responses to 1337 perks

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  2. jeff says:

    This sounds really interesting but I am a complete newb. I am with a white witch org that knocks down scammers wherever we can. Is there anything in common here?
    I know hat a vpn is but that’s about it. By the way, your spoofer seems not to work. I am physically in Australia.
    Jeff. (Real name)

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