Upcoming Events (as of October 2015)

October 10: LAN Party, at CESI
October 17:  Escape MKE, where a group is locked in a puzzle room, where puzzles, riddles, and coded messages are the only means of escape.  Contact Korgo or Belouve if you’re interested in going.
October 31: Halloween Party, at Bubbles’ and Belouve’s house (contact directly for address, none of this blasting the address out to all the Internet).

November 6: DC414 Meeting, CESI

March 12: Cyphercon, at Safe House.  We want DC414 hackers at Cyphercon, so get in on the tickets as soon as you can!

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Upcoming Events (as of Sept 2015)

To make a quick summary of upcoming events:

October 3-4: Barcamp, location is Sussex, WI
October 3: DC414 Meeting, held AT BARCAMP
October 10: LAN Party, probably at CESI
October 31: Halloween Party, at Bubbles’ and Belouve’s house (contact directly for address, none of this blasting the address out to all the Internet).

March 12: Cyphercon, at Safe House

Other TBD items:
A trip to Escape Chambers (see escapechambers.com), where a group is locked in a puzzle room, where puzzles, riddles, and coded messages are the only means of escape.
Some of us were interested in going, so we’ll look into it further.

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September DC414 Meeting Recap

Return of meeting recaps!

Klaviel started us off by showing us how to view alternate data streams in files. Demo was with Notepad and a few command prompt commands.

Klaviel then showed a brief video on hotel room lock hacking, on the Onity locks. The video he showed off can be found here

Korgo announced an upcoming Milwaukee conference that he is leading: Cyphercon. Cyphercon will be held on March 12th, and the venue that has already been reserved is the Safe House in downtown Milwaukee. The themes involved are Ciphers, Puzzles, Lock Picking, Safe Cracking, Covert Operations, Cryptography and Privacy. Klaviel will be doing lock demos at this conference, and Belouve will be creating the puzzles and badge challenge for the conference.
Attendance is limited to 100 guests, and the ticket prices are $100.
The website for Cyphercon is located here: CYPHERCON.COM You may buy tickets now using Bitcoin ($95) or Credit Card ($100).

Belouve did a DEFCON 23 recap, with input from other members that attended. An overview of the slides/websites he used can be found here: DEFCON 23 Recap
There is also the website for the DEFCON 23 Badge walkthrough at PotatoHat Security

Klaviel also showcased video from the DEFCON 23 shoot.

There was also a demo (I forget the guy’s handle) on mounting and decrypting an encrypted hard drive within Linux. The simplicity of commands would be more useful than using an array of tools to mount an encrypted hard drive (say, migrating from Windows to Linux).

Those were all the demos that I can recall. I will take some actual notes next time, instead of relying only on memory. A list of upcoming events will be in a separate post.

The meeting then broke up at about 11pm. Nerf, quadcopters, and other shenanigans were kept until after 11pm.

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BarCamp Milwaukee 10

BarCampMilwaukee 10
Milwaukee, WI

For the tenth consecutive year, BarCampMilwaukee is returning the first weekend in October. Heat Athletics will host the event at its previous location see below for details. Doors open at 9:00 AM, Saturday October 3rd.

A BarCamp is a wholly unique event that provides a free, open-environment forum where the participants are in charge of what happens. It is an interactive conversation where professionals and curious alike come to learn, teach, and imagine. This revolutionary “unconference” allows participants to float from one session to another, and encourages the development of interesting ideas and spontaneous discussion. Since the first BarCamp in the US eight years ago, hundreds of BarCamps have been organized throughout the world.

Throughout BarCampMilwaukee’s ten year run, participants have been involved in a wide array of session topics ranging from:
Software Development: Ruby on Rails, Drupal, and JavaScript.
Technologies: 3d printing/scanning, video editing, robots, and solutions for non-profits.
Solutions for small businesses and non-profits.
All the way to things like Zombie Defense Preparation, lockpicking, sushi making, and many other topics for makers, DIYers, artists and other creatives.
Register for BarCampMilwaukee 10 at barcampmilwaukee.org

Barcamp is a program of The School Factory, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that builds value-creating communities and spaces to transform education, economy, and talent.

When: Doors open Saturday, October 3rd at 9:00 AM and close at 9:00 PM October 4th
Where: W248 N5250 Executive Dr,
Sussex, WI 53089

Dan Walters (dw5304 (at) gmail.com)
Director, Barcamp MKE

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DC414 September meeting.

just a reminder we will have our regular monthly meeting even though its labor day weekend.

see the meeting page for location.

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DEFCON badge files ripped!

Many thanks to Klaiviel, Vladimir, and dw5304 for their fast work at getting these badges ripped! We have recorded the contents of all badges that we know of (human, vendor, contest, artist, goon, speaker) and uploaded the contents in both lossy and lossless formats.

If you’d like to listen, please download the lossy file at THIS location.  We have also added the lossless encoding (as best as we can do under the circumstances) at THIS location.  It’s a 119Mb file.

Update: Although we have been told they are all identically stamped, we did digitize every badge we could find. Those have been uploaded as well — just list the folder if you want them. Thanks to those who allowed us to record their badges:

human – white – dw5304
blue – speaker – Jose
green – vendor – duosecurity.com
yellow – press – @techjournalist
clear – artist – DarrenBob
red – goon – Kentzonestar
gold – contest – TombOfTheUnknownGoon


-darkwind & vlad

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July monthly meeting.

our next monthly meeting will be held on July 10th to accommodate for the 4th of July,

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June meetup re-cap

We’re still very much alive and active, no one has bothered to update the website is all. 🙂   dw5304 got us off to a fun start with some Outernet reception, although it was really a demofail.  Still fun to set up a satellite and receive signals!

Klaiviel had an awesome 3d printed brute force machine in the works for combination locks.  Very fast!

We also did a nice sized LAN party on Saturday, lots of fun, booze, and yelling commenced.  Want to join in the fun? Feeling like you missed out? Are you on our mailing list? You should be!  or join us on IRC on freenode at #dc414.


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Basement Lan Party dec 13th

Basement LAN dec 13th @ 4PM.

Competitive Edge Software (CESI)
9850 S 54th St
Franklin, WI 53132

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Public Meetups: First Friday of the Month

DC414 consistently meets the first Friday of every month. Come join us!

Checkout out the calendar on the meetings page for more details.

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