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June meetup re-cap

We’re still very much alive and active, no one has bothered to update the website is all. ūüôā ¬† dw5304 got us off to a fun start with some Outernet¬†reception, although it was really a demofail. ¬†Still fun to set … Continue reading

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March meeting fun!

March came in, and was an awesome time. ¬†Too bad ngharo and vlad missed it. ¬†We were hopping at the Meetupery! dw5304 got things started with some radio hacking, with his HackerRF board that he’s managed to un-brick. ¬† We … Continue reading

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February meeting awesomeness and sadness

February was another great meeting. It started with me and ngharo running late then doing the introductions, which there was a lot of. Its always good to see new faces at meetings. Then I broke the sad news that I … Continue reading

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Format string $20 challenge

At the last meeting I showed everyone how to use a format string vulnerability in a password storage app to bypass the master password and pull data out of memory. That is just one way to exploit this type of … Continue reading

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Telmanik CMS Press 1.01 SQLi 0day

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [x] Type: SQL Injection [x] Vendor: [x] Script Name: Telmanik CMS Press [x] Script Version: 1.01b [x] Script DL: [x] Author: Anarchy Angel [x] Mail : anarchy[at]dc414[dot]org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exploit:[SQLi] you have to formate you injection like … Continue reading

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Tips for dc414 members (and everyone else) at DEFCON21

Here are a few tips and guidelines to follow while in Vegas: Keep an eye on dc414’s twitter, Facebook, and G+ feeds to keep up to date on what we are doing so you can join in on the fun. … Continue reading

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July meeting recap

Let me start by saying many thanks to Milwaukee Makerspace for hosting our meeting and to Klaiviel for hooking us up. Ulic got us rolling and gave a awesome presentation on PRISM and other government spying programs. dw5304 was up … Continue reading

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Upload your own XSS

A few meetings ago i gave a demo on uploading a flash file to file hosting sites that contains a evil XSS payload. Here is my write up on it. A while back I was doing a penetration test on … Continue reading

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June Meeting Recap

Thanks to all that attended the June meeting. ¬†Lot’s of interesting discussion and demos as usual. Some highlights were Klaiviel giving an in-depth look at the state of 3D printing with a focus on weapons and some of the issues … Continue reading

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Getting IP addresses from contacts on Skype as told by Noize.

Skype is an extremely popular, proprietary, cross-platform, peer-to-peer Voice-over-IP software client written by Skype Communications SARL, which is now owned by Microsoft Corporation. Due to its peer-to-peer always-on nature it is possible for a researcher to determine characteristics about a … Continue reading

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