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Telmanik CMS Press 1.01 SQLi 0day

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [x] Type: SQL Injection [x] Vendor: [x] Script Name: Telmanik CMS Press [x] Script Version: 1.01b [x] Script DL: [x] Author: Anarchy Angel [x] Mail : anarchy[at]dc414[dot]org ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exploit:[SQLi] you have to formate you injection like … Continue reading

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Upnp Exploiter

dc414 and I are proud to introduce Upnp Exploiter! A Upnp scanner and exploit tool. This tool comes with two main scanning functions and exploit functions. The first scanning functions is the target scan. Here you can pick a single … Continue reading

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September meeting recap

Last meeting was awesome as always, we had some good demos and new faces which is always great. Ngharo started it off going around the room and asking ppl what they hacked last month and what they plan to hack … Continue reading

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Good times with snmp

At the last meeting dw5304 gave a demo on snmp scanning and gaining access to things you shouldn’t have access to with a few home brew windows apps he coded up. Its been a while since I messed with snmp … Continue reading

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Arduino Windows Attack Tool

A few meetings back I demoed my Arduino Windows attack tool. The Arduino and shield emulate a keyboard when plugged into a PC. Once triggered it opens the DOS edit program, writes some vbscript to a file called go.vbs, then … Continue reading

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Phreaker badge preview

Here is what the Phreaking badge is going to look like 🙂 I already sent it out to Darkwind who should be able to get it on some buttons! I will report back when we have the finished pin. Expect … Continue reading

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PXE Boot Primer for Windows

by dw5304 AT PXE Boot Primer: Part One We are creating a network boot environment for installing OS and running diagnostic utilities. Configure your DHCP server I chose dd-wrt because of its ability to set the DHCP options for … Continue reading

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My lame IR copy toy pt2

Some of you might remember the first post on my lame IR copy toy. Well I have tweaked the code a little and put it all on a nice little PCB board that fits great over the Arduino, here is … Continue reading

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BarCamp – Post Conference Report

DC414 got a lot of exposure at BarCamp.  We were the only peeps that setup in “the commons” where most everyone would pass through while entering the building.  This was also the area that lightning talks, introductions, and closing events … Continue reading

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Introducing ENCOSH

dc414 is happy to bring you ENCOSH, a online encoding and hashing app. You just feed ENCOSH a string and it will hash it using MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, LM, NTLM and encodes it using Base64, ROT13, HEX, … Continue reading

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