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Belouve did a presentation on OSINT and TraceLabs. Here are some links relevant to that talk, or from the slide deck: Join TraceLabs (You will likely need to register and join their Slack) Free PDF on OSINT Hunchly Tool and … Continue reading

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Announcing Know Your Rights Event

DC414 is proud to present a free public Know Your Rights event at Marquette on June 11th 2016. See the event page for more details Help us spread the word! Download this flyer, make copies and post them around!

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Year of the Hack Submitted!

Our finalized Year of the Hack video is submitted, and trending already! Thanks to dw5304, and Vlad for cranking this out! -darkwind

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February Meeting Recap

Media is done, our Year of the Hack is posted above We had about 25 Hackers from the Greater Milwaukee Area attend February’s meeting.  I mention this because it was pointed out that our event RSVPs are not an indicator … Continue reading

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Tips for dc414 members (and everyone else) at DEFCON21

Here are a few tips and guidelines to follow while in Vegas: Keep an eye on dc414’s twitter, Facebook, and G+ feeds to keep up to date on what we are doing so you can join in on the fun. … Continue reading

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June Meeting Recap

Thanks to all that attended the June meeting.  Lot’s of interesting discussion and demos as usual. Some highlights were Klaiviel giving an in-depth look at the state of 3D printing with a focus on weapons and some of the issues … Continue reading

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Getting IP addresses from contacts on Skype as told by Noize.

Skype is an extremely popular, proprietary, cross-platform, peer-to-peer Voice-over-IP software client written by Skype Communications SARL, which is now owned by Microsoft Corporation. Due to its peer-to-peer always-on nature it is possible for a researcher to determine characteristics about a … Continue reading

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March meeting madness!

The March meeting was no let down, we had lots of people and as always great demos. Ngharo got it started with a make your own pringles can cantenna. 9 luck attendees got to make and take home their own cantenna!  Then he kept it going … Continue reading

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dc414 is now hosting a tor exit node on our main server!! That’s two nodes running full time under the dc414 banner! Here is the info on the tor server on dc414 – Here is the info on the … Continue reading

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For the cause!

As some of you might know I run a Tor exit relay from my home connection. I got this in the mail the other day: Hello and welcome to Tor! We’ve noticed that your Tor node dc414 has been running … Continue reading

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