dc414’s badge program project.

The badge program project is a little game for hackers, crackers, and phreaks. The goal is to facilitate learning in a fun and interesting way. Each badge has a list of achievements you must obtain to be eligible to get the badge. Some achievements will be as easy as clicking a like button for FB, another might be as hard as having to try and social engineer a password out of a random person. Every time you get a badge you also get a mystery prize!!

The badges them selves are still under development so expect future posts about them as we finish them up. For a list of the badges and their achievements go here. So get started and get your 1337 badge now!

dc414 November meeting’s awesomeness

Well Novembers meeting was one of our best for sure! Many thanks to James and Bucketworks for putting the safe opening event together and letting us play with your locks and junk, you are the best! It all started with everyone just fucking off enjoying some snacks, cold beers, and some tunes. Then Klaiviel and James got the party started.

Klaiviel gave us a little intro to the safe, its lock, and some of the history all the while James was playing the roll of Geraldo all too well and dropping the lulz like no one. Once the safe was open there was a mad dash to see what was inside!! Lots of brooms, paper and some beta tapes suspected to be vintage pron. Cmoney took lots of pictures and video “below” of the safe opening.

After the party died down a little bit we talked about a issue one of our members is having with china and how to resolve them. Then ngharo and I gave a small demo on physical security and some of the tools one might use. We focused on Switchblade and an Arduino USB keyboard emulator “this is a post for another day” to pwn the shit out of windows, man that was fun. Ok thats it, peace.

F4r4d4y jr won an IE6 admin pack
Winner of free dc414 junk

The following videos are just og the safe opening and viewing of the contents:


Full video of the party


October meeting recap.

October’s meeting was awesome as always and we had a few new faces which is always a good thing! We all hacked away at Windows Server 8 for a bit and found a few bugs, but unfortunately for the n00bs the meeting didn’t really get popping until after they let :/

ngharo gave us all a great talk on the wall of sheep. How he coded it, what he coded it in, what other software was used, and all the challenges that came up along the way. Dark Wind brought a toy remote controlled helicopter that uses IR for control, we found out my IR copy toy could be used to copy codes from the remote and take control of the helicopter 🙂 I was excited to finally get to use my 1337 IR copy toy on something!!

After all the IR fun there was a little talk about making a arduino based safe cracker to get into the safe at Bucketworks, that should be a cool project once its all done. Then I showed everyone how to make their own resisters with little more the a piece of paper and a pencil. The DIY fun didn’t stop there, I also demo’ed how to make capacitors using just tin foil, cling wrap, tap and some wire! Then while trying to make the home made capacitor blow up we did found out that if you expose it to high voltage, like the kind coming out of a wall outlet, it will start buzzing and expanding 🙂

A congrats to Dark Wind on winning the dc414 free junk give away, he got Red Hat Linux 6.1 enterprise with the extended support package 😛 Here is some pictures courtesy of cmoney “tyvm cmoney”, I didn’t get a pic of Dark Wind with his winning because, idk, I failed. Ok thats it see you next time.

September’s meeting was great!!

The last meeting was awesome as always! My SQLi presentation went well and i even got to do a little demo of iPillage, i took my IR Copy toy but didnt really get to play with it. dw5304, wowed all showing his remote boot system hes working on that needs only a NIC, and gave a little tut on surface soldering! It doesn’t stop there, Klaiviel schooled us all a little in HAM radio, how to track someone with it and how to get your message across the world! He also did a little lock pick demo and GAVE EVERYONE A FREE LOCK! Thanks bro! 🙂 I only took a few pictures this week and here they are.

Everyone got a free dc414 sticker for showing up as well as “Things to know if the FBI show up” cards from DEFCON19 and UCLA. We also got to use our new free junk give away random picker, thanks to ngharo for coding that up, and gave away a few LAN taps, and as always our free junk! Congrats go to Meg again for winning The NORTON Essentials for Mac or more of the crap i don’t want anymore 😛

Meg showing off her free dc414 junk

Last nights meeting.

Last nights meeting was great as always! Trying out the new spot went well, it was a little iffy at the start but everything worked out good. Lots of new faces which is always welcome and plenty of chatter. Lots of lock picking mayhem, as always, and dw attempted to wow us with some wifi magic but was being plague by gremlins, maybe i can get him to stop by and blog about it. By the next meeting he promised to have all the bugs worked out and give it another go, i cant wait!! I didnt take any pictures this time around, sorry i was busy 😛 ngh did some war driving on our way to the spot, about 47 miles a-b, and found a ton of aps. Ill upload the log when ever ngharo gets them to me. Ok thats it, enjoy and i hope to see everyone at the next meeting!

UPDATE: 2.7.11 – Here is the log from ngharo’s drive. Over a thousand aps in that log 😀 A big thanx to ngharo!!