dc414 night out and other news

Join me and the rest of the bunch at Dave & Busters at 5pm on February 19th for some food, drinks, and fun! Come pimping your dc414 shirt for a chance to win $10 in free game play!! I hope to see everyone there!!

D&B addr:
2201 North Mayfair Road
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

In other news I have completed the Badge Program spread sheet, so now you can track yours and other peoples status in the program. So if you haven’t started on your badge yet, get to it now!

New Years Eve PARTY!!!!

dc414 is hacking up a party for new years and we want to see you there. We plan on getting drunk, blowing stuff up, playing some games, playing with a Tesla coil and who knows what else! There will be some free food and beer but don’t be a bitch, bring your own to share 🙂 The festivities will start around 7pm at ngharo’s place. Email anarchy at dc414 or the mailing list for more information. I will see you there!