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Having fun with my Ham

I recently got a radio that I have been playing around with but there isn’t much for traffic in my area and while I can receive a few repeaters I can not transmit to them so I quickly got board … Continue reading

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dc414’s badge program project.

The badge program project is a little game for hackers, crackers, and phreaks. The goal is to facilitate learning in a fun and interesting way. Each badge has a list of achievements you must obtain to be eligible to get … Continue reading

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rootkit hidden in millions of cellphones

Another email just surfaced … rootkit hidden in millions of cellphones Rootkit found in Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, webOS and even iOS handsets …. but not windows phone’s The rootkit belongs to a company called Carrier IQ and it seems that it has low-level access … Continue reading

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June 2011 meeting recap

I know this post is a little late but we have been busy with other stuff, and my mom always said better late then never. Valdimir started us off with a fun demo of his magnetic card reader “vid below”, … Continue reading

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Flytouch/wowPad 2 Adhoc hack

So i got my sweet ass Flytouch 2 “Android 2.1” last week, after rooting it and updating the firmware i was off having all kinds of fun with my new toy. Then i tried to connect to a Adhoc network … Continue reading

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USBwake is a little Android app that just listens for the device to start charging, then while its charging does not let it go to sleep. I was using the wifi tether a lot lately and it would kill my … Continue reading

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Repairing HP Ipaq hx2755 SDcard slot

I got the hx2755 a long time ago, back when it was top of the line and it served me well. One day the SDCard slot just stopped working but by that time i had a smart phone and didn’t … Continue reading

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