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Temporary location for next meeting.

It looks like we’re meeting at the Makerspace since Klaiviel has the secured a slot already. So just meet at 2555 S. Lenox St. Milwaukee, WI, 53207 on Friday at 7PM.

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A Question to Milwaukee, a Bucketworks Emergency

Bucketworks is a co-working, meetup, and practice space for creative professionals.  They’ve been gracious enough to host DC414 monthly meetings and many other events for hackers. We’re all at risk of losing this space due to some recent financial problems … Continue reading

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March meeting madness!

The March meeting was no let down, we had lots of people and as always great demos. Ngharo got it started with a make your own pringles can cantenna. 9 luck attendees got to make and take home their own cantenna!  Then he kept it going … Continue reading

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For the cause!

As some of you might know I run a Tor exit relay from my home connection. I got this in the mail the other day: Hello and welcome to Tor! We’ve noticed that your Tor node dc414 has been running … Continue reading

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dc414 new years party!

New years party at Darkwinds!!! Lets all get drunk and bring in the new year. Email me “anarchy at dc414” for directions 🙂

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December meeting recap

Ngharo got this started with going around the room and asking everyone what they have been hacking and what they plan on hacking on next, then talking about some improvements to the dc414 server, such as how it is now … Continue reading

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September meeting recap

Last meeting was awesome as always, we had some good demos and new faces which is always great. Ngharo started it off going around the room and asking ppl what they hacked last month and what they plan to hack … Continue reading

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dc414 @ barcampmke7

Last years barcampmke was awesome, everyone had lots of fun and met some great people. Some of you might remember we had a little stand last year and ran the good old wall of sheep, well we liked it so … Continue reading

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Lets hack schools

School is about to start back up for the year which gives us a great opportunity to give. So at the next meeting “9.7.12” if you bring in school/art supplies to donate in addition to the normal $5 dc414 donation … Continue reading

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dc414 donations bucket 2.0

A while back we started using a bucket to collect cash donations at meetings and for a while I have been wanting to trick it out. So I was keeping an eye out for things to add other then blinking … Continue reading

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