November, and future!

So if it’s not apparent, we’re terrible at actually updating the website. November meeting is taking place as scheduled, see you Friday the 2nd!

If you’re reading this and it’s past November, check the meeting link above. 1st Friday of every month!


July’s meeting as scheduled!

There was some discussion on when then next meeting is, and where it may be held. Just clarifying that our meeting will be at normal scheduled time on July 1st, at 7pm. We’ll be in our usual location at CESI. See for details!

August’s meeting is up in the air for location, and expect light turnout as many of us are making the venture to Defcon.

See you there!

January meeting almost here!

It’s almost Friday, and as mentioned previously, due to the Holiday falling on a Friday we have moved the meeting to 1/08/2015.

Vlad has a special guest, Dr. Charles Tritt from MSOE will be joining us, and will be giving a demonstration with a TENS unit, somehow facilitating a human-to-human interface.  It’ll definitely be a meeting to remember!

See you there!



dc414 does EscapeMKE James Bomb

So a few weeks ago a bunch of us got together to do the 2nd mission at EscapeMKE, titled James Bomb.  It was a blast!   While I won’t go into detail of the mission, we soared through all parts of it so fast, the host swore we had cheated at multiple areas, and was ready to disqualify us.  We found a new and unknown (to EscapeMKE) way to complete one of the tasks that hadn’t been done before, leading us to get to the final step at approximately 18 minutes into the hour. We did prove our method, and were credited appropriately without cheating!

Unfortunately we got stuck on that last step until about 22 seconds remaining, but we did successfully complete it! (damn old touchy equipment)



DEFCON badge files ripped!

Many thanks to Klaiviel, Vladimir, and dw5304 for their fast work at getting these badges ripped! We have recorded the contents of all badges that we know of (human, vendor, contest, artist, goon, speaker) and uploaded the contents in both lossy and lossless formats.

If you’d like to listen, please download the lossy file at THIS location.  We have also added the lossless encoding (as best as we can do under the circumstances) at THIS location.  It’s a 119Mb file.

Update: Although we have been told they are all identically stamped, we did digitize every badge we could find. Those have been uploaded as well — just list the folder if you want them. Thanks to those who allowed us to record their badges:

human – white – dw5304
blue – speaker – Jose
green – vendor –
yellow – press – @techjournalist
clear – artist – DarrenBob
red – goon – Kentzonestar
gold – contest – TombOfTheUnknownGoon


-darkwind & vlad