Upcoming Events

Quick update on some upcoming events DC414 will be at.

First off the date of the next meeting has changed. It will be held on September 26th to create a buffer around BarCamp Milwaukee. That brings us to the next event:

BarCamp Milwaukee
October 4, 2014

BarCamp Milwaukee is the premier event for Milwaukeeans, by Milwaukeeans, to learn, teach and imagine anything you are interested in. The open format of BarCamp puts the participants in charge of what happens. Unlike a typical “conference” where the event is pre-determined, this revolutionary “unconference” allows participants to float from one session to another, and encourages the development of innovative ideas and spontaneous discussion. This event is open to anyone with an interest, an idea or a desire to learn and connect with other people. Since the first BarCamp in the US nine years ago, hundreds of BarCamps have been organized throughout the world.

See http://barcampmilwaukee.org/ for details.

And finally, a LAN party was announced on October 11th.

All events can always be found on the Meetings page.