Rdp 6.2.8250 for windows 7

So i went looking for a way to use the new rdp 6.2 in windows 7 and was unable to find an installer on microsoft website so i decieded to see if i could copy the files and get rdp to work. After several tries i was finaly able to get it to work :).

I included the files below.


on a vaild windows 8 machine:

create a new folder for files someone usb drive is a good palce,
inside this new folder make a folder called en-us and wbem

inside wbem create a folder called en-US (its important u have US captilized)

open Driveroot:\system32\

copy mstsc.exe,mstscav.dll in to the new folder on the usb

copy mstsc.exe.mui and mstscax.dll.mui from Driveroot:\system32\en-us to new folder\en-us

copy mstsc.mof and mstscax.mof from driveroot:\system32\wbem\ to new folder\wbem\

copy mstsc.mfl and mstscax.mof from driveroot:\system32\wbem\en-US\ to new folder\wbem\en-US


and u should be good to go.


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5 Responses to Rdp 6.2.8250 for windows 7

  1. Jesse says:

    Just wanted to say thanks, this worked for me!

  2. F4R4D4Y says:

    All hail the Windows God!

  3. Xpliz says:

    Doesn’t work with 32 bit version of windows 7 🙂

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