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Badge program update

We have added a few achievements here and there and changed how you get badges. We also changed up the badge idea it self a little, now once you finish up the achievements for a badge you get a cloth … Continue reading

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dc414 hangout

Starting at the next meeting we will be streaming everything to the web via Google+ hangout! So even if you can’t make it to MKE you can still join the meeting. You wont be able to get in on any … Continue reading

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New Years Eve PARTY!!!!

dc414 is hacking up a party for new years and we want to see you there. We plan on getting drunk, blowing stuff up, playing some games, playing with a Tesla coil and who knows what else! There will be … Continue reading

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dc414’s badge program project.

The badge program project is a little game for hackers, crackers, and phreaks. The goal is to facilitate learning in a fun and interesting way. Each badge has a list of achievements you must obtain to be eligible to get … Continue reading

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December meeting recap

Decembers meeting was awesome! Vlad gave a great in depth wi-spy demo. He showed us what a Bluetooth file transfer looks like, what microwaves look like and access points looks like, and gave good detail of just what exactly was … Continue reading

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rootkit hidden in millions of cellphones

Another email just surfaced … rootkit hidden in millions of cellphones Rootkit found in Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, webOS and even iOS handsets …. but not windows phone’s The rootkit belongs to a company called Carrier IQ and it seems that it has low-level access … Continue reading

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Microsoft Virtualization Event in Brookfield

Just got an email from Microsoft saying they have a virtualization event in brookefield. Figured since I was going I’d share in case anyone else wants to join me.  Should be worth while. Starts: Thursday, December 08, 2011 9:00 AM … Continue reading

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