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Introducing ENCOSH

dc414 is happy to bring you ENCOSH, a online encoding and hashing app. You just feed ENCOSH a string and it will hash it using MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, LM, NTLM and encodes it using Base64, ROT13, HEX, … Continue reading

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Thanks ngharo

Mr. ngharo just finished up a big long over due server upgrade for dc414! The online tools are down yet but i should be able to get them back online within the next few days, and now that we are … Continue reading

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phpMyAdmin upgrade script.

I got sick of upgrading phpMyAdmin at work every time a new version came out so i made this little script to do it for me. All you have to do is pass the .gz download url to it. Here … Continue reading

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Theory and Art of Persuasion

##UPDATE – AnarchyAngel will be the only member of dc414 at this event, but if you have the time, go and join him. Check out Theory and Art of Persuasion being hosted at Candlelight Collective and presented by Taylor Marx. … Continue reading

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Sweet DEFCON19 stuff and pwnage.

Got some cool shit at DEFCON, here are some pics of the stuff i got. Here is the DEFCON19 cd iso, and here is your mom 😛 While at DEFCON we ran a little hack contest, back at the riv … Continue reading

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From DEFCON to the clink.

Well DEFCON19 was awesome and we got some cool stuff that i would love to show you, but the cops have it all! I can talk more about that shit later. We had a great time at DEFCON as always, … Continue reading

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Thats right bitches, dc414 swag!

So I been hard at work getting ready to make some shirts, learning how to do it “That was a trip”, getting all the shit i need to do so, and trying to find the room to make them in … Continue reading

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