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Stop mandatory data retention

Got this email from our friends at EFF: Dear friends, The U.S. House of Representatives is currently considering H.R. 1981, a bill that would order all of our online service providers to keep new logs about our online activities, logs … Continue reading

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Thanks all!

Thanks to everyone that came to our haphazard pre-DC19 dc414 meeting 🙂 We held this meeting so ngharo and I could get a better idea of what to talk about at DC19 and we got just that! We also had … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz indicted.

Got this email from the good group of people at Demand Progress: Shocking news: Moments ago former Demand Progress Executive Director Aaron Swartz was indicted by the US government. As best as we can tell, he is being charged with … Continue reading

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dc414 gathering 7.20.11

ngharo and I started talking last night about our talk at DC19 and decided the best thing to do would be to get some input from the rest of the bunch. So we are planning on sitting down at BGC … Continue reading

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iPillage release

iPillage is a web application security testing tool designed to be lightweight and easy to use developed by dc414 for Chrome as a browser extension. Allowing anyone to pen-test any page they visit and all the links it might contain … Continue reading

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dc414 @ DEFCON19

ngharo and I will be giving a presentation at DEFCON19!! DefCon Groups asked us to talk a little about dc414. Like about how we run it, what we do at meetings, what we do in public, and other odds and … Continue reading

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Know you rights event post… post and news

The know your rights event was a huge success!! We took a bunch of pictures which we will be uploading later. I big thanks to Candlelight Collective, Waring R. Fincke, M.Peters Trucking, and the dc414 crew for making the event … Continue reading

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